• Ernie Hsiung

    Ernie Hsiung

    CTO of WhereBy.Us, Code For Miami co-founder, web developer, 2015 Code For America Fellow alum, early 2000s funny-sad blogger.

  • The Nightcrawler

    The Nightcrawler

    Exposing all the miseries, the chaos, and the truth in a most humorous way possible —

  • Mark Barnett

    Mark Barnett

    Learning Experience Designer & Consultant. Currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • Kyle Harding

    Kyle Harding

    Setting the standard for awkward conversations one uncomfortable silence at a time. Sometimes I write code.

  • Jeff R Mason

    Jeff R Mason

  • Carmen Leander

    Carmen Leander

    Mom, wife & techie. Coding, art, reading, & learning are my life. Interests: PM, iOS, spacial computing, & anything that makes life interesting & fun.

  • Roxanne Gregorio-Anthony

    Roxanne Gregorio-Anthony

    UX | UI Designer, Maker, Gardener, Cyclist, Hiker, Parent, Partner. RoxanneG.design

  • Antonio Mañueco

    Antonio Mañueco

    Husband, father, and software engineer @ blubeta.com

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