(O, Miami Poetry Festival)

“Poetry Robots” are original machines to disseminate poems through technology. The Poem-o-matic prints poems on receipt paper. Using a curated database of short poems, the Poem-o-matic prints one poem at a time, at random, with the touch of a button. Each poem tears away (just like a receipt) and can be taken home. Optimus Rhyme is a robot who reads poems out loud on command. Once initiated, Optimus will read all of the poems in his hard drive in random order, over and over, until someone shuts him off. (Just like a real poet.) O, Miami Poetry Festival 2016–2018

Shell Poems” was a project to put poems inside of sea shells on Miami Beach. 3-D printed shells with Bluetooth speakers hidden inside them were placed on Miami Beach for people to discover. When they put the shell up to their ear, one of several Ocean Vuong poems played, read by the poet himself.

O, Miami Poetry Festival 2018
Project by Ricardo Chuecos and Cristian Duran
Shell created by Mario The Maker Cruz
And Moonlighter Maker Space

Videography by Jorge Graupera
Editing by Scott Cunningham
Song: “Yellow Moon” by Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Join the movement. Let’s make Miami a Maker town!


I often get asked by people what a maker or maker space is. A maker is someone who likes to DIY by repairing or creating electronic devices, building models, creating cosplay or 3D printing items, but in reality, anyone who creates things can be considered a maker.

I was the kid who liked taking things apart and putting them back together. This was not always a successful process, but I got better and better. I eventually started to repair broken instruments, games, stereos and other electronic devices for my friends and me. …

Anouk Wipprecht is a well-known designer of robotic fashion. To her, artistic expression is not enough: She wants her creations to move and breathe and communicate. One of her gowns appropriately called the Spider Dress, senses and communicates quite aggressively if someone is invading the wearer’s personal space because robotic limbs embedded into the shoulder area of the dress will go into attack mode. She created another dress that addresses this in a less aggressive way, by emitting sensual plumes of smoke.

Maker Faire Miami is a celebration of the people, tools, and technologies that are creating and reinventing the city. It’s a day to see the entire spectrum of creative energy that is pushing our city forward towards a better future. Be it a new civic project by professionals, a university research initiative, or the casual hobbyist just showing off some new skills — it’s a forum for sharing, learning, and creating new things.

After five years the Maker Faire has grown from a Mini Maker Faire in The Lab Miami to a fantastic international event at Miami Dade College and…


Poem-o-matic is a friendly “bot-in-a-box” that prints out a keepsake poem just for you when you press the button. We hope you’ll snap an Instagram of your poem and share it with your social network.


The very first (and at this time, only) Poem-o-matic was created for the 2016 O, Miami Poetry Festival at the Moonlighter Makerspace, where fine Miami nerds come together to make cool things.

Screenshots and Press


Poem-o-matic was created for the 2016 O, Miami Poetry Festival. The mission of the festival is for every single person in Miami-Dade County to encounter a poem during…

I was asked to collaborate with Moonlighter Makerspace to make a Chladni Plate for the upcoming LATE @frostscience museum event series. Chladnis Plates provided an early way to visualize the effects of vibrations on mechanical surfaces based on the German scientist Ernst Chladni one of the pioneers of experimental acoustics and Cymatics.

This was my initial sketch for the build.

Collaboration across the pond — Mario the Maker from Miami, FL and Docker Captain Alex Ellis from the UK work together on an awesome project.

At the 2016 DockerCon in Seattle, I went to go see a talk by Alex Ellis about Docker & IoT: protecting the Datacenter. It was a great talk, and since I had been working on IoT devices myself and was impressed, I decided to check out his blog when I got back home.

Because the posts were full of great information about Docker, Raspberry Pi, and many other topics, I starred many of his GitHub projects and started to use Alex’s blog posts to demo projects at the Miami Docker Meetup group.

Alex had just published an excellent blog post…

Getting to the right BMO colors was a little difficult, but thanks to my daughter and a trip to Home Depot, she matched the color 100%! She also helped sand and paint BMO.

With the Miami Maker Faire around the corner, I thought it only appropriate to document the progress on my 2 BMO video game units that will be on display at my “Mario the Maker” booth. The first part of the build? Getting the boot up screen just right:

Below are also the Rhinoceros files before cutting on the CNC at Moonlighter Makerspace Daisy and Tom at Moonlighter helped me in the file setup and CNC Setup.

Time lapse of the CNC milling of BMO at Moonlighter Makerspace on half inch plywood again.

MarioThe Maker

Mario The Maker : Mario Cruz is a Hacker, Maker, and inventor from Miami. Working out of Moonlighter Makerspace. @MarioCruz twtr. http://bit.ly/2r0Jcy3 Medium

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